19 Ways to Raise More Money from Your Donation Pages

19 Ways to Raise More Money from Your Donation Pages

What makes an incredible donation page?  Is it the words? Images? Where buttons and form fields are located? The short answer is yes!

Together, these elements must convey enough emotional punch and urgency to inspire people to donate. Your donation pages must reflect your brand.  Your community is totally unique, so slapping the latest best practice on your donation page just won’t cut it.

Find out how you can make your donation pages raise you even more money by following a few simple web design guidelines.

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1. Ditch The Vintage PayPal Button

2. Write A Powerful Headline

3. Use Less Words

4. Limit Paragraphs To 2-3 Sentences

5. Use Pictures

6. Use White Space To Direct The Eye

7. Remove The Sidebars And Navigation Menu

8. Reduce Steps To Donate Only

9. Ask For What’s Required

10. Write Copy In Second Person Narrative

11. Pick One Call-To-Action

12. Repeat The CTA Three Times

13. Use Bullet Points And Numbered Items

14. Use Big Fonts

15. Use Big Buttons

16. Keep It Above The Fold

17. Make It Mobile

18. Optimize Your Donation Pages For Search Engines

19. Create A Seamless Donor Experience Across All Marketing Channels


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