96 Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas

96 Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas

Are you struggling to decide what to do for your next fundraising event? Do you have a high target to hit, and just aren’t sure how to get there? Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a nonprofit, club, or association, there’s a lot of pressure riding on you to find the best idea and to raise enough money to keep your organization going.

To help you out, I’ve put together this eBook full of dozens of fundraising event ideas. You’ll find ideas from easy-to-plan community activities, all the way to mega-sized tournaments. There are options to suit every organization, regardless of your type, time frame or budget.

These are all ideas I’ve learned through working with thousands of other organizations over the years and in my work at Wild Apricot. They are proven to generate a positive return for your organization when they’re properly coordinated.

Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ebook Chapters

  • Chapter 1 – 18 Food & Drink Event Ideas
  • Chapter 2 – 21 Active Event Ideas
  • Chapter 3 – 29 Social, Community & Other Events
  • Chapter 4 – 28 Mega Event Fundraising Ideas
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For each nonprofit fundraising event idea, you will find:

The cost for each fundraising event idea, with the lowest-cost events indicated by $ going all the way to $$$$ for the highest-cost fundraisers.

The complexity for each idea, which is rated on a scale of 1 to 4. 1 indicates an easy fundraiser that’s quick to plan, and 4 indicates an event that takes a lot of coordination with different stakeholders to get up and running.

The expected return for each idea, also indicated from $ to $$$$.

Advice and practical tips from a variety of fundraising experts throughout the eBook to inspire you along your fundraising journey.

Finally, I’ve sorted the fundraising event ideas by type, so you can easily find the kind you’re looking for. Dig in, and enjoy!

A Sneak Peak Into This Ebook: 96 Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas

Before committing, take an inside look into the five chapters in this ebook:

Chapter 1: 18 Food & Drink Event Ideas

1. BAKE SALE • Overhead Cost: $ • Complexity to Plan: 1 • Expected Return: $

The bake sale is a classic. It’s something everyone knows how to do, and your audience knows what to expect from it. Also, since you’re dealing in consumables, people will always have a need for more baked goods!

CHALLENGES TO CONSIDER: Ask your volunteers to write down what they’re planning on making, so that you don’t have any duplicates. You could also try to get some vegan or gluten-free options prepared so everyone can enjoy your tasty treats!


SPONSORING OR PARTNERING ORGANIZATION: Consider holding your sale during a larger event, such as a farmer’s market…

Chapter 2: 21 Active Event Ideas

1. RELAY • Overhead Cost: $ • Complexity to Plan: 2 • Expected Return: $$

Hold your organization’s own version of the Relay for Life! It can be done though running, biking or even kayaking — whatever fits best with your demographic and your area.

CHALLENGES TO CONSIDER: You’ll need to have a large enough space to host the relay (whether it’s outdoors or a school gym). This might also mean you’ll need to work with local authorities to block off a road if you want lots of visibility for your relay.

THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS: Over the summer, when weather permits outdoor activities…

Chapter 3: 29 Social, Community & Other Events

1. CAR WASH • Overhead Cost: $ • Complexity to Plan: 1 • Expected Return: $

The community car wash is a classic! People love the idea of buckets and sponges for a worthy cause. This is also a great time to talk to participants about your cause, and potentially recruit some new volunteers!

CHALLENGES TO CONSIDER: You’ll need to pick a location with access to water source. Holding it in a busy parking lot can also help you get new supporters.

THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS: Spring or summer is best for this event — you don’t want your volunteers getting cold!

SPONSORING OR PARTNERING ORGANIZATION: You may be able to partner with a local gas station to use a part of the lot. It’s a great place to rope in clientele and easy clean up for you!…

Chapter 4: 28 Mega Event Fundraising Ideas

1. GOLF TOURNAMENT • Overhead Cost: $$$ • Complexity to Plan: 3 • Expected Return: $$$$

Like a fun run, golf tournaments can be simple to coordinate with an experienced golf course manager, or as complicated as a PGA event. And, just like runners, golfers love to golf! Set up drink stations around the course and have the tips go to charity. Be sure to do longest-drive competitions, hole-in-one on the greens, and even raffle off some golf swag. Go big or go simple, but golfing for a cause is always a good bet.

CHALLENGES TO CONSIDER: Renting the course could be very expensive, so start inquiring early.

THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS: Most outdoor golf courses open in the spring and stay open until early fall. Just try not to have it at the same time as another golf tournament, or your potential attendees will be too busy watching to play!…


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