Cultivating Funder Relationships – Cultivation Primer

Cultivating Funder Relationships – Cultivation Primer

Developing a winning grant strategy and cultivating funder relationships for your organization can be a daunting process for new and old nonprofit organizations alike.

Cultivating Funder Relationships – The Cultivation Primer

Is designed to help nonprofits understand the roles and responsibilities of board members, executive leadership, and development staff in finding and cultivating good prospects, distinguish between the various methods of proposal or inquiry submission, conduct effective grant management, and build relationships with grant funders.

Inside this FREE eBook you’ll find information and suggested strategies to help you organize your cultivation team, keep your team in sync, determine the best matches for your organization, make contact with potential funders, answer the questions funders may want to know about you, follow up after submission, award, or denial, prepare for a site visit, and make the grant report easier to write.

There are even worksheets and templates to help you every step of the way!


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– A Sneak Peak Into “Cultivating Funder Relationships – Cultivation Primer”

Take an Inside Look at the Chapters of This Ebook:


1. Introduction

Why Cultivating Funder Relationships is Key

2. Roles & Responsibilities

Whose responsibility is it to cultivate funder relationships?

3. Best Matches

Learn how to search for grant makers.

4. What Grant Makers Want to Know About You

Prepare to respond to some of the more common questions that grant makers will ask.

5. Initial Phone Call or Request for Information Letter

Key factors to consider when approaching prospective 05 funders.

6. Meeting/Onsite Visit

Once you have introduced the organization to the grant maker, you should move to the next level of cultivation

7. Submission Methods

It is critical that the format of your application or proposal is exactly what the grant maker is requesting.

8. Follow-up Calls/Contacts

This is a great way to stay on the radar of the foundation.

9. Site Visits (Requested by Funder)

Preparation for the site visit is essential to make sure the foundation representative walks away with a good impression

10. Response: The Decision

Learn about the four basic outcomes for a grant maker’s funding decision, and what your next steps should be.

11. Reporting

What is stewardship?

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