Finding Your Nonprofits BFFs (Best Fit Funders)

Finding Your Nonprofits BFFs (Best Fit Funders)

Finding grants to fund your nonprofit can be a tricky task. Determining who are your best fit funders and what they want is the first step in any grant search.

Don’t let the hunt for where to find them get you down. Download this free e-book to guide you in finding your BFF’s (Best Fit Funders) for your nonprofit and laying the foundation for grant success.

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– A Sneak Peak Into “Finding Your Nonprofits BFFs (Best Fit Funders)”

Take an Inside Look at the Chapters of This Ebook:


1. Who Are Your Best Fit Funders & What Do They Want?

Determine what common ground you share with different grant makers.

2. Where Do You Find Them?

Use grant-prospecting databases. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 grant-prospected sources.

3. How to Prospect?

Using methods such as filters, subject headings & indexes, or keywords will help you expand or narrow your search results.

4. Using Boolean Operators

Make AND, NOT, and OR your “go to” tool for prospecting.


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