A Guide to Donor Retention

A Guide to Donor Retention

You’ve heard me talking about monthly recurring gift programs and their importance on the long-term donor retention of your nonprofit.

Not to mention how much money you’ll raise! Fundraisers are often blown by away if I mention some numbers – just 300 monthly donors can bring in almost $100,000 a year for your organization. What’s not to like about that?

So, if you are not already looking at implementing a program for your organization, I would highly advise you to truly make that one of your priorities this year.

You may already have a great major giving program in place and your appeals are working well. Adding monthly donors to your fundraising mix is truly the next step to take. How else can you convert a donor to go from $35 once a year to $25 a month (or $300 a year!). And they’ll still make a gift to your appeals, trust me! I recommend that you RUN, not walk, so you can reap the results sooner than later and really start building donor’s retention and long-term revenue for your organization.

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1. 3 Biggest Reasons to Jump On The Monthly Donor Bandwagon

You can see that those donors who were acquired in 2013, as single-gift donors, generated $139 after 4 years. Those that were acquired as monthly donors right away generated $429, so three times more than…

2. 4 Ways to Improve Donor Retention and Recruit Sustainers

Monthly giving almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Why on earth would a donor who has no relationship with you trust your organization enough to give you their credit card number or bank account information? The answer is really short and simple: because you asked them!

As we all know, the key with improving donor retention rates is…

3. To Ask for One-Time Gifts or Monthly Gifts…That’s The Question!

Many nonprofits struggle with the decision to make the move and ask for monthly gifts. Here’s what I hear from organizations when I ask them about their monthly donor program:

“I need one time gifts.”

“I can’t focus on monthly gifts right now. They’re too small to concern myself with.”

“I only have so little time. Why would I worry…”

4. Top 3 Monthly Donor Retention Tips

By now, you know the tremendous power monthly donors have. You know how it can help improve your donor retention to much higher levels. We typically see monthly donor retention rates between 87 percent and 95 percent—that’s double that of one-time donors.

So, as monthly donors are starting to take hold in nonprofits, it’s important to put a few things in place to keep those donors giving monthly to…