How A Monthly Giving Program Can Help Cover Operational Costs

How A Monthly Giving Program Can Help Cover Operational Costs

We know that covering your nonprofits operational expenses is one of the most difficult things to raise money for. After all, keeping the lights on and the printer stocked with paper isn’t the most exciting ask for your donors to get involved with.

But have you ever thought about how you might be able to cover these costs with a traditional giving model? Monthly Giving can help cover special projects and initiatives AND can help cover your operational expenses.

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– A Sneak Peak Into “How A Monthly Giving Program Can Help Cover Operational Costs”

Take an Inside Look at the Chapters of This eBook:


Chapter 1: Why you want to find monthly donors

If you are pulled in so many different directions and competition on the internet and social media is growing, and if short term revenue is a focus, why would you want to even worry about monthly donors? Aren’t they just small donors, so not worth the effort? Who cares? You have bigger fish to fry, right? You must focus on growing your major donors, right?

Wrong. Finding Monthly Donors should be…

Chapter 2: What’s the value of monthly donors?

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about monthly giving. Sadly, many organizations still think that monthly donors only make small gifts and are not worth the effort. They also worry that once they give monthly, they will never give over and above their monthly gift.

As a recurring gift expert, please let me tell you that none of this is true. While it’s true that you may…

Chapter 3: Why do people give monthly?

I asked this question at a few recent sustainer workshops and I was amazed at the answers.

THE NUMBER ONE REASON WHY A DONOR GIVES MONTHLY, IS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO HELP! They want to support your organization. They want to…

Chapter 4: What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted funds?

Before we get into how to get monthly donors to support operating costs, let’s define restricted and unrestricted funds. On the one hand this has to do with the way you may be organizing your finances, but it also pertains to what we call ‘donor intent’.

What does the donor want their gift to do? Restricted funds are focused on a project or campaign. They cannot be used to cover operating costs. If a donor restricts their gift to that project or campaign, you must…

Chapter 5: The difference between a multi-year pledge and a monthly gift

For capital campaigns and major gifts, especially for multi-million-dollar projects, donors are often asked to make a multi-year pledge. Some donors then are interested in paying this gift monthly.

Again, it’s about donor intent. The donor makes a multi-year pledge. There’s a commitment in place (just like with a monthly gift). But the big difference is…

Chapter 6: Why monthly giving is prime for supporting your operating costs

You never want the project to ‘stop’ before the monthly donor does. So, no restrictions on the gift. YOU CERTAINLY NEVER WANT THE ORGANIZATION TO ‘STOP’ BEFORE THE MONTHLY DONOR DOES…

Chapter 7: Create a ‘hybrid’ between restricted and unrestricted funds

Child sponsorships are probably one of the oldest ‘forms’ of monthly giving. Donors often start by supporting a child. They like receiving updates from that child. But if the child grows up, moves from one community to another, unless the organization has the

Chapter 8: Shouldn’t you use a specific focused ask to pull monthly donors in?

Well, as a fundraiser, you probably already know that some donors simply get more excited about supporting a project. They like seeing that their gift goes to something specific. This is the case for general fundraising and monthly giving is no different.


Chapter 9: How can the monthly donor support something special?

In the email, it ‘looks and feels’ that the monthly donor can make a huge difference for this one project. It feels restricted, right? Then when they click through to make a…

Chapter 10: What about reply forms in the mail?

There’s a very simple ‘trick’ to un-restrict giving while drawing people in. All you must do is add the following to the donation form: Yes, I’ll make a monthly gift to help you do xxxxx and support all your other programs. That’s all…