How to Create a Storyteller System that Inspires Action

What is a nonprofit storyteller system, what does it do, and what does it matter for your nonprofit? Storytelling should be actionable – inspiring listeners or readers to take an action on your behalf, whether your  goal is to get more members, donations, event attendees etc. It should also make readers want to share the story with others.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to outline your nonprofit storytelling system, and provide you with prompts to help you get started. Download it now, and let’s dig in!

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Let’s set the Storyteller System stage with two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You receive a dry form letter in the mail from a breast cancer research charity that bought your name from another organization’s mailing list.

You are confused because breast cancer research is not even your passion – protecting the environment is.

Scenario 2:

You receive a personal message from a friend on Facebook asking you to sponsor her in a walk for breast cancer research, in honor of her mother.

She tells her story about watching her mother suffer from the disease, and why she wants to help others in her situation. She then asks for a small donation to help her reach her goal, and help people like her mother.

While breast cancer isn’t a cause you usually give money to, you love your friend and you want to help.

That is the incredible power of nonprofit storytelling ambassadors!

In this eBook, I’ll show you how to outline your nonprofit storytelling system, and provide you with prompts to help you get started. Download it now, and let’s dig in!

A Sneak Peak Into This Ebook: How to Create a Nonprofit Storyteller System that Inspires Action

Take an inside look into the two chapters in this ebook:

Chapter 1 – Outline Your Nonprofit Storytelling Ambassador Plan

Where do you begin when creating a storyteller ambassador work plan? Take some time to answer the “five W’s” for your plan:


Who in your organization will be responsible for collecting and organizing the stories? Have this person start a story idea file in Dropbox to keep story ideas, photos, videos, news articles, and other inspiration…

Chapter 2 – The 6 Best Types of Stories for Nonprofits to Share

Too many nonprofits go about their work every day, only saying how many people they fed or how many applications they helped fill out. Doing the work is definitely important, but to what end? What is the result? And how can you convey the impact in a story?

Impact stories are the most important stories you can tell about your nonprofit are not actually about you at all! They are about the people, animals, or environment you have helped. They are the lives you have changed. How has the world improved because your organization is in it?

Stories about the outcomes of your work in your storytelling arsenal…