How to Inspire Board Giving

How to Inspire Board Giving

If your organization has proven results and a passionate, committed board, with a little guidance and effort, you can increase the resources your board members are willing to commit to your organization. By boosting board giving and the board’s involvement in fundraising, you will set the stage for raising more money from other sources as well.

It is our belief that the way in which board members are asked to give to their organization sets the tone for all board work in fundraising. Organizations often do little more than distribute pledge cards at a board meeting to ask their board members to give. Then, when board members don’t give or give only a small gift, they are disappointed.

We believe you should ask your board members to give in a well-conceived, thoughtful fashion that helps them understand what is expected of them and provides an opportunity for serious discussion. If you do that, they will be pleased to give as generously as they are able.

We’ve written this e-book to help you ask your board members in a way that is appropriate to their role in your organization, is respectful to their resources, and gives them guidance about how and when to give in a way that will have impact.

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– A Sneak Peak Into “How to Inspire Board Giving”

Take an Inside Look at the Chapters of This Ebook:


1. Asking Matters

A brief introduction.

2. Inspire Your Board to Give!

With a little guidance and effort you can increase the resources your board members are willing to commit to your organization.

3. How Much Should Board Members Give?

When your board members make personally significant gifts, they indicate their commitment to the organization’s future.

4. How to Maximize Board Giving

The annual solicitation process is more than a time to ask for a gift.

5. How to Solicit Board Members

We recommend your board or development chair lead the 05solicitation process with the support of staff.

6. The Timing of the Board Campaign

Board giving should come early in the annual development cycle.

7. Setting Goals for Board Giving

Your board should require 100% participation by board members in the annual fund.

8. Determining the Ask Amount

Though fundraising is more of an art than a science, there are systematic ways to determine ask amounts for board members.

9. The Asking Process

The entire process has five steps: selecting prospects, getting ready to ask, setting up the meeting, asking for the gift, and following through.

10. Training

Board members who participate in your board solicitation process should have the right tools and be properly trained.

11. The Solicitation Meeting

The Five-Step Asking Summary outlines the stages of these conversations and suggests simple ways to move the conversations from one stage to the next.

12. Appreciation and Celebration

Congratulate everyone on completing the board solicitation process successfully.

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