Part II: How To Launch an Endowment Giving Program For Your Nonprofit, How to Set Up Your Program

Part II: How To Launch an Endowment Giving Program For Your Nonprofit, How to Set Up Your Program

Over the course of two eBooks, you will be guided on how to launch an endowment giving program for your nonprofit.

In Part I we looked at what endowment is, what endowment funds are, how endowment funds are given, and—most critically—whether endowment giving is a good fit for your nonprofit organization.

In Part II, we’ll look at all those policies and procedures, and consider who your endowment donors are and how you can find them. We’ll drill more deeply into how endowment funds are given and then we’ll look specifically into how to launch your nonprofits endowment giving program.

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“How To Launch an Endowment Giving Program For Your Nonprofit, Part II: How to Set Up Your Program?”

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Wn the first ebook of this two-part series on How to Launch Your Endowment Giving Program, we discussed the fact endowment
is not just for large organizations. Any nonprofit can benefit from having a

Chapter 2: What Policies And Procedures Are Needed For Your Endowment Giving Program?

In almost every state in the US, the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, or UPMIFA, is the law that regulates how charitable institutions are to administer endowment funds that have been created with donor restrictions. The law does not apply to quasi-endowments created by board designation, but it wouldn’t hurt for your nonprofit to follow its guidelines in

Chapter 3: Who Are Your Endowment Donors and How Do You Find Them?

Endowment donors tend to be very special people. They are visionaries who are committed to your organization and have an understanding of the importance of ensuring the future. They are also primarily your

existing donors. It is rare for someone to contribute to your future if they are not already supporting you in the present.

But beyond their commitment to and love for your organization, endowment donors do not fit into a specific box. They are as varied as the many ways
they can give to endowment. They can be…

Chapter 4: How Are Endowment Funds Given? (Part II)

In How to Launch an Endowment Giving Program: Part I, we looked at the different ways that endowment gifts can be made. You learned that donors can make cash (also called current) gifts, or their gifts can be planned (also known as deferred).

Let’s delve a little deeper into these types of gifts and see how you can get your donors to support endowment with…

Chapter 5: How To Launch Your Endowment Giving Program—And Keep It Going

Endowment giving—and your endowment giving program has a long horizon. Unlike a campaign, which is time-limited, or an unconditional major gift, an endowment giving program, like endowment itself, typically

goes on forever. Yes, there may be some named endowment funds that have an infinite fundraising timeline, but by and large you will want to continually be giving donors the opportunity to support your organization’s future.

That said, unless you have a robust endowment giving program in place, and donors are regularly being asked to make a gift…

Chapter 6: Summary

As you can see, launching an endowment giving program is not something to be embarked on lightly. It takes planning and care. But, if your organization is financially strong, with strong staff and volunteer leadership, endowment is not just a way to preserve your future, it can also be extremely beneficial to your programs today.

Before you launch such a program, there are…

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