The Nonprofit Guide to Sell More Tickets for Fundraisers

The Nonprofit Guide to Sell More Tickets for Fundraisers

When faced with the task of planning a special event, there are a few fundamental elements to consider when selling event tickets. The success of your event is dependent on you filling those seats.

Fear not! We’ve got your covered with a complete guide on how to sell more event tickets. Download this free e-book as it covers all the basics + tips & tricks to knocking your next event out of the park.

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1. Choosing a realistic ticket price

Price tickets so that you cover overhead costs without scaring away your supporters! Pricing tickets can be tricky. You want to carefully consider what…

2. Make your event irresistible

To sell tickets you must freshen up your event and make it enticing to those who may be bored of the same-old program. Add sizzle to your event with awesome branding elements or an appealing theme. Consider adding a…

3. Honor an Influencer

Paying tribute to a person or corporation will bring their peers and colleagues to the event. It is widely known that …

4. Use a volunteer committee

Harness the power of dedicated volunteers who will encourage their friends and family to attend. Using dedicated individuals with…

5.Use social media to build excitement

Be consistent and enthusiastic with your social media campaign posts. Social Media is the quickest way to build…

6. Tips and Tricks

Don’t panic if you have a sales slump between those time periods. Continue to be enthusiastic and promote the heck out of your event. If folks don’t…


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