Social Fundraising In The Real World

Social Fundraising In The Real World

Social Fundraising is a critical concept to understand, but can also be a confusing and complicated one. The focus of this ebook is to explain the five key concepts introduced when Social Fundraising is added to nonprofit fundraising campaigns. A fundraising campaign can include an annual donation request, a dinner or gala, a peer-to-peer campaign, an organized 5K, etc.

By the end of this ebook, our goal is to have communicated the value and opportunity, core principles to follow, and some next steps in order to use the power of Social Fundraising to benefit your organization.

There are five key concepts in understanding the opportunity of Social Fundraising for your organization. Each of the five chapters in this ebook will tackle one of these concepts in depth.

  • Chapter 1 – Shares Have Real Value
  • Chapter 2 – Fundraising On Social Is Not The Same As Social Fundraising
  • Chapter 3 – Your Supporters’ Megaphone Is Larger And Louder Than Yours
  • Chapter 4 – Go Beyond The Donation
  • Chapter 5 – Designed For Real Humans
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Social Fundraising for nonprofits is getting people (supporters, donors, evangelists, fundraisers, etc.) to post to their personal networks about the actions that they take related to your cause. In this ebook, we will walk you through how to use Social Fundraising to benefit your nonprofit.

What we do intend to cover in this guide:

  • How to practically add Social Fundraising to the fundraising you’re already doing in order to:
  • Increase awareness of your organization and its mission
  • Increase new donations to your campaigns
  • Increase participation and awareness of your events

What we do not intend to cover in this guide:

  • How to get likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter
  • How to get people to see your organization’s posts on Facebook
  • How to get retweets of your organization’s tweets
  • The best time of the day to post on social media
  • How to speak ‘one-to-many’ on Facebook and Twitter
  • How to get value out of Facebook Ads
  • How to get your posts in front of followers without boosting
  • How to go viral


A Sneak Peak Into This Ebook: Social Fundraising in the Real World

Before committing, take an inside look into the five chapters in this ebook:

Chapter 1 – Shares Have Real Value

There’s a bit of a misconception out there that shares don’t have any value. However, tremendous value actually can be created for your organization when your supporters share their actions.

So while this notion might require a bit of a mindset shift, if you can think holistically about your organization, shares will have the power to provide real value to your fundraising programs, marketing programs, mission awareness programs, recruitment programs, and more.

Shares create value in three ways:

1. Increasing Reach
2. Spreading Awareness
3. Driving New Donations…

Chapter 2 – Fundraising On Social Is Not The Same As Social Fundraising

One of the biggest misconceptions of Social Fundraising is that it simply means to be active on social media using your nonprofit account. When you solicit donations via posts on your nonprofit’s social account, we call that fundraising on social. However, the larger opportunity of social fund-raising is when you actually get your supporters to spread the word on your behalf on their own social channels.

It’s all about WHO is doing the sharing.

Let’s think about it in terms of your upcoming spring campaign…

Chapter 3 – Your Supporters’ Megaphone Is Larger And Louder Than Yours

When your supporters share with their own personal network, the message will have more reach, more validity, and more effectiveness than your message alone.

The power of the crowd is real. When a passionate supporter embraces a nonprofit’s story as part of their own, it resonates with their networks on a much more personal level, making it nearly impossible to ignore.

Why do posts by your supporters work so well?…

Chapter 4 – Go Beyond The Donation

When most people think of fundraising, they think of the end result being a donation — a monetary contribution to their nonprofit. But what if the end result of successful fundraising was more holistic and had much more impact on your cause and the multiple goals you’re trying to tackle every day?

When you incorporate social fundraising into your mix, you can go beyond the donation and crush all of your goals, from monetary to awareness and beyond.

There are 5 main actions supporters can take to interact with your cause…

Chapter 5 – Designed For Real Humans

These days, more than ever, it’s vital to craft your supporter’s journey and experience with your cause based on how people actually behave. With different goals and missions, your messaging should be unique in order to encourage each supporter to share in a way that resonates with them.

How do you get the most out of Social Fundraising?

There are 6 main strategies that help to get the most out of every interaction with your supporters and grow your Social Fundraising…

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