The Top 7 Questions About Monthly Giving

The Top 7 Questions About Monthly Giving

There are seven questions about starting a monthly giving program most frequently asked by Nonprofit Leaders, Fundraising Board Members, Directors of Development and Executive Directors. Here, you will find all seven questions answered, and some of them may even surprise you.

These questions and answers are all based upon experience and facts. The real results and processes in your organization may differ as every organization is different, but overall, you’re always better off generating monthly donors. If you’re still hesitating, I trust that the answers to these questions will provide you with the courage to hesitate no longer!

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1. Do You Need A Minimum Number Of Donors To Get Started?

There is no minimum number of donors needed to get started with monthly giving. However, I do recommend you have at least some constituents, a database, website and a number of email addresses in place to really start…

2. How Many People Do I Need To Add To My Staff?

I know this is a concern for many organizations. Well, when I started out in monthly giving, more than 20 years ago, our organization raised $13 million dollars, in 6 countries, with one and a half staff! But I did have a number of people in other departments supporting our activities.

No matter the size of your organization, the absolute key with any monthly giving program is…

3. How Long Will It Take To Generate 100 Monthly Donors?

Here’s where I’ll give you the typical consultant response. “It depends”. The answer is based upon what you have in place for ‘monthly giving basics’ and your number of donors, emails, board members, volunteers, and appeals.

Because every organization is different, it’s important to…

4. How Much Does It Cost To Generate Monthly Donors?

It doesn’t have to cost much to generate monthly donors, but it again differs per organization. If you start your promotion process online, the cost is minimal. If you add direct mail and Facebook ads, it’ll start costing you a bit more, but it’s still very doable.

As you saw in the earlier case study, direct mail appeals typically pay for

5. Which Donor Database Systems Can Handle Monthly Donors?

I know first-hand how complicated it is to convert to a new donor database system, and I’d never recommend converting to a new system for the sake of adding monthly donors. And the good news is that you don’t have to! Because virtually every donor base can…

6. Do I Need To Change My Website To Be Able To Handle Monthly Donors?

Yes and no. You’ll have to make sure to integrate the monthly giving sign-up tools on your site. Your donation page needs to have the monthly giving option built in, which could mean a change from what you have now. Also, I recommend you create a…

7. I Have A Membership Program. Can I Offer Monthly Giving?

Yes, you can absolutely offer monthly giving as a way to pay for the membership. It’s important to recognize the monthly donor as a member as soon as they provide their credit card information. Don’t fret too much about the…


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