The Ultimate Year-End Fundraising Checklist

Savvy nonprofit professionals know that as the end of the year winds down, donations go up — way up.

Raising spirits while lowering taxes, year-end giving inspires donors to give to your campaign — more than a quarter of nonprofits raise close to half their annual funds in year-end campaigns, a little over 10 percent of that occurring in just the last three days of the year.

With our Ultimate Year-End Fundraising Checklist, you’ll be well on your way to a Happy New Year with a boost in your bottom-line worth breaking out the bubbly for. 

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Chapter 1 – Get Pumped!

Jumpstart your year-end fundraising checklist by first setting your goals. It may seem obvious — or maybe not! — but before you can realize your goals, you have to know what they are. Goals should be both…

Chapter 2 – Your Fundraising Checklist All-Stars

A year-end campaign doesn’t run itself! So you will need to get your people on board to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Mobilize Your Staff: Communicate your fundraising checklist goals to staff and make sure your team is available for extra year-end tasks. This includes tasks such as sending engaging mailings and emails, ramping up your…

Chapter 3 – Demystify Your Database

We already talked above about determining who your target donors are. You can’t do that without a top-notch database and best practices. 

It’s natural for your donor base to shrink at least 10% each year for various reasons. whether through death, people moving away or no longer giving. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to…

Chapter 4 –  Start with Thank You

Sure, the point of your fundraising checklist is to take advantage of year-end giving trends to fulfill your campaign goals, but before you get to The Ask, you need to contribute as well.

Taking time to…

Chapter 5 – Ask

You know you need to appeal to new prospects and current donors, but one category of donors that often gets overlooked is lapsed donors — supporters who have given in the past but haven’t lately. Don’t omit these…

Chapter 6 – Supercharge Your Social Media & Website

Are you optimized for mobile? Your donors certainly are!
Almost 80% of time spent on social media is through a mobile device (and with Facebook dominating all other platforms), make sure your message is getting across with mobile optimization.

Go big or go home: Social media never…

Chapter 7 – Take the Lead in Following Up

Phew! Your direct-mail and email campaigns have gone out. You’ve spent weeks planning, drafting, executing, stuffing, and mailing — now you sit back and wait for the donations to roll in, right?

Not exactly. Maximize your appeal’s effectiveness with…

Chapter 8 – Fundraising Checklist Year-End Blitz

The last three days of the year — December 29, 30 and 31 — are the top three days of giving in the entire calendar year. Crafting targeted emails on all three of those days can encourage donors and provides a sense of urgency to donate during the closing of the year.

Use the urgency of the…

Chapter 9 – Get Jacked for January

Yep, January! Wait, you thought you were done?! No my friends, the end of the year is just the beginning of wrapping up your successful year-end campaign and laying the groundwork for future donations from the relationships you’ve cultivated. 

Despite your…

Chapter 10 – End With a Thank You

Thank-you’s may follow gift-giving but they are looked at in a different way. They are just the start of your donor relationships for possible future fundraising and your efforts to spread the impact your organization has made within the community.

Thank-you letters are the…


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