Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell, President of J Campbell Social Marketing, is your friendly neighborhood nonprofit digital marketing and online fundraising strategist!

She increases the clarity, confidence, and capacity of nonprofits in the areas of social media marketing and online fundraising. She believes in what she does. She firmly believes in the power of technology and online tools to help nonprofits tell their stories, to connect with stakeholders, and to advocate on behalf of clients.

She understands nonprofits and the unique challenges they confront. She has been a one person Development and Marketing Department, a volunteer and a Board Member. Having spent her career in the nonprofit and public sectors, she understands the specific obstacles that marketing and fundraising professionals face every day – isolation, wearing multiple hats, high expectations, and increasing responsibilities.

She knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t just play around on social media for fun. She attends conferences, reads blogs, takes webinars and reads relevant publications to constantly be on top of all the changes in the social media and nonpro t landscape. She am also a published author.

She focuses her work with nonprofit organizations. This allows her to specialize and focus on the unique needs of the third sector. The lack of capacity, support and resources available for nonprofits in the area of digital marketing and social media is the reason she started her business. J Campbell Social Marketing was founded in 2010 – built for nonprofits as a way to enable them to reach their goals using digital marketing and social media.

She won’t sell you on social media if you aren’t ready. Her goals are to help nonprofit professionals stay focused, gain confidence, and get organized.

She gets it. It’s tough out there. Many nonprofits do not have the money to employ full or part-time fundraising and marketing staff people. That’s why she offers comprehensive training to get your social media efforts up and running and to fully prepare you to sustain these efforts after the engagement.