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Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

    Canva Pro for Nonprofits: What Is It and How to Get It for Free!

    Canva for nonprofits is an incredible tool that allows anyone to create amazing graphics and content for their organization. And we’re happy to say we’ve partnered with Canva to provide a free insider look at how the Canva Pro for Nonprofit program works! 


    Read on for more about Canva Pro for nonprofits:


    What is Canva Pro for Nonprofits? 

    This is Canva’s signature program specifically for nonprofit organizations. The company knows how much good nonprofit organizations are doing for the world. And organizations like yours are doing all of that on a shoestring budget! 


    So Canva wanted to do their part. While the general public needs to pay for a Canva Pro account, the company created a program to allow nonprofits to benefit from a pro account for free. 

    You get all of the features of a Canva Pro account without having to pay a dime. That means you’ll have access to all of the thousands of templates, fonts, elements, and images. 



    How to Get Canva Pro for Nonprofits for Free? 

    Not everyone is entitled to the program. There are some requirements your organization needs to meet for it to be eligible. But if you do meet the requirements, you’ll have access to one Canva Pro for nonprofits account. Within it, you can create a team of up to 10 users. 


    Is Your Organization Eligible for Canva Pro for Nonprofits? 

    Your organization is eligible for a Canva Pro for nonprofits account if: 

    • It’s a registered nonprofit

    • It’s a social impact organization with a mission consistent with public or community benefit

    • It’s a public health organization or government entity with public health

    Your organization is not eligible for a Canva Pro account if: 

    • It’s a 501(c)4, 501(c)6 or other type of nonprofit that’s not a 501(c)3 designation

    • It’s a K-12 school, college, or university other than an independent charter school (there is a Canva Pro for Education program, though!)

    • It’s a commerce and trade association without charitable goals or activities benefiting non-members

    • It’s a political or labor organization

    • You’re an individual not acting for a nonprofit


    What Documentation Do You Need to Apply?

    The documentation you need varies based on your registered organization type. In general, you need to show: 

    • Proof that you’re a registered nonprofit or a social impact organization “with a mission consistent with public or community benefit”

    • Governing documentation that states your mission and how all of your activities are focused on achieving it.


    Why Should Your Organization Make Use of Canva Pro for Nonprofits? 

    With the many other tools and resources your nonprofit uses, why add another one on top of it? 

    We firmly believe that almost every nonprofit organization can benefit from the Canva Pro for nonprofits program. 


    It’s Simple and Intuitive to Use for Graphic Design Needs

    Many nonprofit organizations are small to mid-sized, and they may not have staff members with degrees in graphic design. That’s the beauty of Canva Pro for nonprofits. You don’t need a graphic design degree to use it! It’s a simple tool that makes creating content for your nonprofit easier than ever. No having to take major courses on how to use the tool. 


    Anyone can use Canva Pro. And even if you get stuck with the platform, they offer simple-to-learn video tutorials to help you out. 


    It Doesn’t Stop at Just Social Media Posts

    It’s not just about making social media posts. You can make almost any sort of design for your nonprofit’s needs. If you need a new logo, you can create it in Canva! Want stock photos to use to make an impact? Canva Pro has them. Need a design for your annual report? You’ve got it! 


    It’s Completely Free

    Did we mention that already? It’s worth saying again! As long as your nonprofit organization meets the requirements, you’re eligible for a free Canva Pro for nonprofits account! 


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