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  • How to Measure Fundraising Cost Effectiveness Cover
    Calculating Your Key Fundraising Metrics Summary

    Evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s fundraising program may, quite simply, be one of the most overlooked tasks in fundraising.

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  • 9 Ways to Cultivate Donor Relationships (Infographic) Summary

    Why do we care about donor relationships? It costs far less to keep your existing donors than to find new ones! Cultivating donor relationships helps to increase giving levels, and impro

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  • The Nonprofit Sponsorship Solicitation Process Map (Infographic) Summary

    So, you want to gain more sponsorships for your nonprofit. Where do you begin?This nonprofit solicitation process map outlines the 8 steps to acquiring new sponsors, from identifying potential can

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  • How to Convince Your Boss Monthly Donors Cover
    How to Convince Your Boss to Focus on Monthly Donors (Infographic) Summary

    I’m a total convert on the topic of monthly donors. I’ve seen its power and how it has kept an organization going after a major disaster. I’ve seen how it g

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  • How to Create a Nonprofit Storytelling System That Inspires Action
    How to Create a Storyteller System that Inspires Action Summary

    What is nonprofit storytelling, what does it do, and what does it matter for your nonprofit?

    Storytelling should be actionable - inspiring list

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