Donor Relationship Management

Donor Relationship Management Has Something for Everyone Welcome to DRM land, where possibilities abound   Your nonprofit is unique. And that’s especially important to remember when choosing donor relationship management (aka customer relationship management) software. There are plenty of systems to choose from, so whether you’re switching from spreadsheets to CRM or you’re starting fresh, […]

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monthly donors

Infographic: 6 Important Things Your Boss Should Know About Monthly Donors Here’s a free gift to get your organization on board with prioritizing and finding monthly donors.   It shouldn’t be too hard to convince your organization’s leadership to invest in a fundraising strategy that is almost guaranteed to generate 2 to 5 times more […]

donor retention

Maintaining stronger donor retention 4 ways a donor CRM can help Creating strategic touchpoints throughout the year between your nonprofit and your donors (or prospects) is an important part of the fundraising process. As we know, the best way to accomplish donor retention is by building strong relationships with them. And with an ever-growing list, […]

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Save Your Superpowers for What Really Matters

Agile For Nonprofits Can Help You Organize, Collaborate Better Save Your Superpowers for What Really Matters It’s no secret that fundraisers and those who work in the nonprofit sectors are superheroes. After all, you make incredible things happen that make the world a better place. But too often your “heroics” translate into things like overtime, […]

Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors

Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors Geo-tagging keeps sponsors top of mind at the right time Our phones always know where we are — like it or not. So why wouldn’t your nonprofit want to use that to its advantage when it comes to giving your event sponsors or other major supporters more […]

The right keywords

The right keywords keep your Google Ad Grant ads performing Keywords are, well, key to a successful Google Ad Grants campaign. Google expects the ads generated through its Ad Grants to generate more than awareness. The ads have to generate clicks for Google to deem them successful. Unsuccessful — by Google Ads Grants standards — […]

Professional development is key

Professional development is key. We can help.  They say a rising tide lifts all boats.  And that’s certainly true in the nonprofit and fundraising sector, where the overwhelming consensus seems to be that there’s enough to go around and that the healthier, more professional, and more trustworthy the sector is, the better it is for […]

Nonprofit CRM: Managing Your Audience While Nurturing Relationships

Nonprofit CRM: Managing Your Audience While Nurturing Relationships Your nonprofit needs a CRM software — here’s why Remember your Rolodex? The satisfying flippy-flip sound when you spun the wheel and watched your critical contacts whoosh by in a blur? That original donor database was oddly satisfying, no? Still, most of us dumped our ‘dexes when […]

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Google Ad Grants take your website seriously

Google Ad Grants Take Your Website Seriously  Google doesn’t fool around when it comes to delivering quality search results. So Google Ad Grants takes your website pretty seriously. If your nonprofit qualifies for the $10,000 a month in free Google advertising that the grants provide, Google wants to make sure that your ads are driving […]

What magic is this, you ask? The Daily Scrum

“Hey, let’s have another meeting!” – said no one ever (and meant it, like deep down really meant it). So it seems counterintuitive then that organizations that have dialed into the SCRUM framework of Agile methodology would be advocating for adding a daily meeting to everyone’s already crowded workload. But the Daily Scrum is an […]

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