Empowering Nonprofits: Enhancing Impact through Professional Development and Training with CharityHowTo In the dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, the constant challenge of limited resources and multifaceted roles can often hinder the potential for impactful community work. Continuous professional development through high-quality training is critical for these organizations to navigate complexities, stay ahead of nonprofit trends, […]

Volunteers stand together at a hybrid fundraising event for a nonprofit

Hybrid Fundraising Events: 3 Things to Consider Before Hosting One Remote working and virtual volunteering aren’t the only digital trends on the rise for nonprofits!  Nowadays, more and more organizations are looking for creative ways to accommodate more of their supporters with fundraisers. And the one thing that’s popping up everywhere? Hybrid fundraising events!  We’re […]

Mobile device showing stock information

Is Your Nonprofit Accepting Stock Donations? Here Are 3 Reasons Why It Should:  In this day and age, there are many different ways someone can choose to support a nonprofit.  Whether it’s monetary, through volunteering time, or volunteering skills, supporting a mission comes in all kinds of forms.  There are even a multitude of monetary […]

Nonprofit annual report document for donors

How to Create an Annual Report for a Nonprofit That Supporters Actually Want to Read Nonprofits pour their hearts and souls into creating annual reports for their donors and supporters.  But sometimes, it may feel like nobody actually reads it. So why go to the effort of making one?  Other than it being a requirement […]

Nonprofit professionals work together in a positive nonprofit culture

3 Ways to Create a Positive Nonprofit Culture Among Staff and Volunteers So many nonprofit organizations put a heavy emphasis on fundraising. They focus on what’s coming in (or what’s not coming in).  And for good reason!  Much of a nonprofit’s success depends on raising awareness and support from donors.  But there’s often an overlooked […]

Contact tab in a donor database software for nonprofits

5 Donor Database Best Practices to Keep Your Nonprofit Organized If your nonprofit is relatively established, you may have migrated away from using spreadsheets to keep track of your donor contacts.  Or maybe you’re in the process of migrating away from the age-old spreadsheets and you’re searching for the right donor database.  Finding the best […]

Nonprofit newsletter email account

13 Nonprofit Newsletter Ideas to Keep Readers Absorbed in Your Organization Our sister site, Nonprofit-Apps, has already talked about how incredible nonprofit email marketing is.  But, in case you need a refresher, we don’t mind giving you one!  Nonprofit email marketing is one of the best tools in terms of converting supporters into donors. Plus, […]

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