Get $10K In google ad grants with connect ad

How To Take Full Advantage Of $10K/Month In FREE Google Advertising With The All-In-One Google Grants Service with ConnectAd

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Did you know that many nonprofits are eligible* for a $10,000 per month FREE advertising grant from Google? These ads can be used to boost awareness, donations, sales and more! Unfortunately, a lot of organizations fail to secure the “Google Ad Grant”, and many only use a fraction of the $10,000 per month—leaving free money and valuable website traffic on the table.

This FREE webinar recording of the All-In-One Google Grants Service (AIOGGS) will be quick, yet chock full of information. We’re talking 45 minutes of showing off the best and brightest features of the Google-Certified digital marketing service offered by CharityHowTo and ConnectAd.

During this free webinar recording we will cover:
  • An overview of the Google Grants program, including eligibility and how it works.
  • Using case studies, we will showcase different ways that nonprofits use the Google Ad Grant to successfully grow their impact — even during the COVID pandemic — by fundraising, generating awareness, recruiting volunteers, building email lists, selling online and more.
  • How nonprofits often struggle to utilize the Ad Grant effectively and how the AIOGGS can solve these problems.
  • Examples of nonprofits that are very successful using the AIOGGS.
  • A demonstration of how the AIOGGS saves you both time and energy by making sure you continually optimize the $10K/month in free advertising.
  • All the digital marketing features and tasks that are included with the comprehensive AIOGGS

Being online is more important now than ever. Don’t miss out on the $10,000 per month in free ads to help you successfully grow your organization’s online presence.

*FYI: You must be a registered nonprofit (501c3 if based in the US) to be eligible for Google Grants. Government entities, hospitals & schools are not eligible.

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