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Learn How to Accept Gifts of Stocks for FREE and Why Every Nonprofit Should

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One of the most important tools in every nonprofit’s toolbox is the ability to accept non-cash assets. Most organizations have figured out the 3 C’s: cash, check, and credit cards. But every nonprofit should be prepared to accept gifts of appreciated securities.

The news will tell you that the markets have declined significantly but for most of your donors, their portfolios are still higher than they have ever been.

Some nonprofits let them fund the causes they care about and if yours doesn’t, you’re missing out on an average gift of nearly $7,000!! In addition to additional revenue now and in the future, the ability to accept gifts of stocks is a HUGE brand upgrade that puts your organization in a different light with donors in your community.

During This Free Nonprofit Demonstration Webinar, we will Cover:

  • Why gifts of appreciated securities help solve an immediate problem your donors are facing today.
  • How to accept gifts of stocks (what you need and how to get it) for FREE – no strings attached!
  • The exact marketing language to use to advertise your ability to accept gifts of stocks.
  • How to identify donors who are most likely to have appreciated securities.

Endowment Partners is an Investment Management Firm that specializes in, and solely focuses on all aspects of investment management for nonprofits, foundations, and endowments across the country. Nonprofit clients like foundations, human services organizations, colleges, performing arts organizations, religious organizations, and other 501(c) 3 organizations trust Endowment Partners to provide multiple layers of financial sustainability strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about Endowment Partners, enter your information and a team member will follow up.

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