Can “Add to Gift List” be as powerful as “Donate Now” for your organization?

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Learn what Nonprofits have in common with Wedding registries in a 45-minute session that will teach you how to make it easy for your donors to contribute to your toy drive, charity drive, and other in-kind initiatives.

2500 nonprofit organizations have reported that:

9 out of 10 nonprofits agree that the Gift Lists
 * Is an innovative way to drive in-kind contributions
 * Complements cash donations
 * Offers a great new way for donors to contribute. 

8 out of 10 say that In-kind donations
 * Are effective in cultivating an ongoing relationships with donors
 * Provide entry pathways to recruit new donors
 * Drive new purchases from existing donors 

7 out 10 have seen an increase in giving since creating and sharing their MyRegistry Gift List.

During this Demonstration of MyRegisties Nonprofit Gift list, we will cover how:
  • Organizations are successfully leveraging Gift Lists as a fundraising tool 
  • You can set up an organizational gift list in a few simple steps 
  • You can add gifts, your organization needs, from any store anywhere 
  • Your gift list can be embedded in your site 
  • You can share and get contributions from your donors in the click of a button

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