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Overwhelmed by messy spreadsheets, toggling between applications, or tripping over complex and unnecessary features that aren’t worth paying for? Network for Good brings together all the tools, features, and guidance you need so you can confidently raise funds and build strong donor relationships.

Built for small and growing nonprofits, only Network for Good is designed to help you become a better fundraiser. Get donor management, powerful communication tools, online fundraising features, and more—all in one integrated software. Plus, our best-in-class onboarding, customer service, and data migration are always included.

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MacKenzie will be walking you through our all-in-one software elements including:
  • The tools that make it easy for our clients to be intentional with every step they take in fundraising.
  • Branded giving pages that allow donors to truly understand the impact of their donation.
  • The data to help determine who their target donors are and who they need to steward more.
  • Templates & pre-written messaging that allows nonprofit leaders to quickly keep their supporters engaged.

Leave this demo with an understanding of the different elements that Network for Good provides that set us apart in the donor management software space. We are there to make sure all of our customers have the resources they need to grow their good!

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