Stock Gifting Made Easy: Unlocking a New Source of Funding

DonateStock is democratizing stock gifting by making it accessible and easy for all nonprofits and donors. Learn how to accelerate growth with an Easy Button for stock gifting
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Appreciated stock represents $100 billion in potential funding – it’s time to unlock it for all nonprofits. DonateStock helps nonprofits launch and grow stock donations with our Easy Button for stock gifting backed by comprehensive support.

In this demo, you’ll learn more about DonateStock, including:

  • Review the benefits of stock gifting for donors & nonprofits
  • Learn how DonateStock has made stock gifting easy
  •  See the DonateStock Donor experience
  •  Tools to launch, grow & scale your nonprofit’s stock gifting program – No brokerage? No
  • How to get started & claim your free landing page & your DonateStock Easy Button
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