TapKat Sweepstakes Fundraisers for Nonprofits

How to run a fundraising sweepstakes for your nonprofit
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TapKat makes it easy and affordable for nonprofits to create, manage, and run online sweepstakes designed to help you increase donations and grow your donor base. When you run a TapKat sweepstakes, people make donations to support your cause and you give them a chance to win a great prize. Talk about a win-win!

During This Free Nonprofit Demonstration Webinar, we will Cover:

  • Why sweepstakes work so well for nonprofit fundraising
  • How sweepstakes are different than raffles and why it matters
  • Examples of real-life nonprofits that have successfully run sweepstakes on the TapKat platform
  • How to get started with your own TapKat sweepstakes
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