Why Scrum 

Why Scrum; How to Double Your Nonprofit’s Impact in Half the Time

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Join Agile in Nonprofits as they walk through their training and coaching services including the Scrum Master for Nonprofits course designed to help nonprofits create twice the impact in half the time.

This webinar recording of the Scrum Master training and coaching services from Agile in Nonprofits will be quick, yet chock full of information. We’re talking 45 minutes of showing off the best and most impactful aspects of the Agile in Nonprofits training and coaching services, including…

  • Creating Twice the Impact in Half the Time – The Scrum framework can double the impact your nonprofit creates in half the time.
  • Increasing Team Happiness – The Scrum framework can increase the happiness of your nonprofit teams;
  • Increasing Team Outputs – The Scrum framework can increase the output of your nonprofit team efforts, whether programmatic, board, outreach and marketing, grant writing, or fundraising.
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