Zeffy, the Only Zero-Fee Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Zeffy is the only zero-fee fundraising platform for nonprofits – you’ve heard that before? Don’t worry, we’re tired of the hidden fees too. 

We rely solely on voluntary contributions from donors, because we believe that the best online fundraising technology should be free for every nonprofit – so you can focus on maximizing your impact.

With Zeffy, when your donors give $100, you get $100 – Reassure your donors, their gift doesn’t go to fees.

During This Free Nonprofit Demonstration Webinar we will Cover:
  • How and why Zeffy is 100% free for nonprofit organizations
  • How you can save thousands of dollars on fees each year
  • How we support your fundraising efforts from start to finish (donations, ticketing, peer-to-peer fundraising, memberships, volunteering, and more)
  • How you can manage your entire donor database for free
  • Why over 4,000 nonprofits trust us with their fundraising needs
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