Bloomerang’s vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving.

Their dedication to your success goes beyond the mere feature set of their software. They work with top-tier thought leaders in philanthropy to incorporate and teach best practices for building effective relationships with donors, so all you have to do is focus on your passions and be ready to share your vision. They’ll help you make sure it lands and produces results.

Everything they do is centered around their mission: Make fundraising easier. Foster authentic donor relationships. Create thriving nonprofits.
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    The #1 Donor Database for Nonprofits Trusted by Thousands of Organizations: Bloomerang

    Maybe you’ve heard about the importance of donor retention, but you’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Maybe you’re looking for a new donor management software provider but aren’t quite sure where to start. Or maybe you’ve even heard the buzz about Bloomerang, the donor database for nonprofits trusted by thousands of organizations. 

    No matter which one sounds like you, this free demo is perfect if you’re interested in learning more about Bloomerang and how it can help your nonprofit organization. 


    What is a Donor Database for Nonprofits? 

    Your donor database is software to help you collect more information about your donors. The amount of information you can collect from this type of software usually includes ages, locations, donation history, and more. 

    Whether someone stops by and signs up to receive your nonprofit email newsletters, or whether someone donates for the first time on your online donation page, you can collect and store their information in your donor database. 


    Why is a Donor Database Important for Your Nonprofit? 

    A donor database for nonprofits is a great way to collect information and analyze data about how your donors interact with your nonprofit organization. 

    By pulling analytics reports based on the stored data in your donor database, you can better understand the types of donors that are supporting your organization. 

    This helps you tailor your marketing efforts so you can appeal to those kinds of donors! The ones who want to support your cause. 

    Ultimately doing so helps you increase your nonprofit funding. And that, of course, helps you grow your organization and continue your mission. 


    How Can You Use the Nonprofit Data You Collect? 

    Use the information you collect from your nonprofit donor database to better understand your target audience. 

    When you do that, you can streamline your efforts toward reaching those audiences. Those are the target people who care about what you’re doing. And that helps you increase new donations, donor retention, and major gifts.


    Keep Everything Organized with Bloomerang – The Donor Database for Nonprofits Trusted by Thousands

    Collecting and maintaining your nonprofit donor data doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With the right donor database for nonprofits, you can keep everything organized so you can easily access the information you need. 

    With Bloomerang, a donor database for nonprofits that’s trusted by thousands of organizations, you can keep your data streamlined. 

    Bloomerang offers an interactive dashboard so you can quickly see your donor retention rate, check out suggested improvements, and monitor active campaigns. 

    And, as we mentioned before, a great donor database for nonprofits allows you to track donor history. You can do exactly that with Bloomerang’s constituent timeline. Any type of interaction between your donors and your organization can be pulled up. You can easily see when and how donors are interacting with your nonprofit! 

    Plus, if you ever wonder if your donors could be giving more if you just reached out and asked? With Bloomerang, you can check their giving history and “Generosity Score” thanks to wealth screening data. 

    Make a bigger impact with a donor database for nonprofits. And check out an inside look at Bloomerang – the donor database trusted by thousands!

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