How iWave and NonprofitOS can help you keep and attract donors and raise more dollars!

Take back your time and transform your fundraising

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Thursday, May 2nd, 1pm ET


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Kindsight delivers what has never been possible in the nonprofit world: A Fundraising Intelligence platform that incorporates big data, AI, and automation to power modern fundraising. Kindsight is the combination of three companies: iWave, UC Innovation (maker of ascend CRM), and NonprofitOS. 

Kindsight offers the most comprehensive and innovative advancement and fundraising CRM through ascend, which is enhanced with rich data and insights offered by iWave and the revolutionary AI content creation functionality of NonprofitOS. Kindsight drives efficiency, productivity, and impact for nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations, and empowers them to have the right conversation, with the right donor, at the right time—every time.

In this demo we will cover:

  • How to use external data about your donors to ask for the right amount from the right person
  • How to reach out to the right people at exactly the right time
  • How to save time using unique and customized appeals and stewardship

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About the Presenter

Cherian Koshy is a transformative leader with over 25 years in the social impact sector, specializing in innovative fundraising and strategic development. Holding CFRE and CAP® credentials, he has a profound understanding of financial and philanthropic strategies. A global board member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and past chair of the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, Koshy has significantly influenced philanthropy worldwide. His work in developing NonprofitOS and his role at Kindsight exemplify his expertise in integrating technology with strategic growth. An international speaker and thought leader featured in Yahoo Finance and Forbes, Koshy delivers actionable strategies and insights, making him a pivotal figure in leveraging technology and strategic development for scalable success.

You must attend this demo to receive the recording!

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