Your Fundraising Is Only as Strong as Your Relationships

Your Fundraising Is Only as Strong as Your Relationships 6 benefits of using a CRM to strengthen ties with donors As fundraisers, you’re always looking for ways to build trust and strengthen relationships with donors; it’s how you not only spread the good word about your organization but how you keep it viable for the […]

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Google Ad Grants Optimization

6 Tips for Better Google Ad Grant Optimization to Take Advantage of $10K Per Month Google Ad Grants are one of the best ways to ensure you boost your nonprofit’s brand awareness and drive traffic (therefore donations!) to your organization.    But we know there feels like there’s a lot to do to make sure […]

Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

Mobile Apps for Nonprofits — a superhighway between you and your supporters Cut the distractions and let people come right to you You know what they say about getting from Point A to Point B, right? The shortest distance is a straight line. That’s something to keep in mind when trying to decide if your […]

Donor relationship management

4 key points to take the stress out of switching to a CRM Stressed out over CRM? No need to be! Switching can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be Donor relationship management (aka CRM, for customer relationship management) systems integrate data and make it easier to slice and dice and otherwise manipulate it. […]

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