Google Ad Grants success story

A Google Ad Grants success story AmpleHarvest sees huge gains in visits, conversions   AmpleHarvest is an organization that connects 42 million Americans who collectively grow and distribute 11 billion pounds of excess food annually to local food pantries to feed the needy and prevent healthy food from going to waste. It’s also a Google […]

Ways to Create Real Benefit Using Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

9 Ways to Create Real Benefit Using Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits   Google Ads drive traffic where you want it to go.  There’s a process for obtaining a Google Ad Grant, but it’s nothing unwieldy. And it’s certainly worth it, since the grant affords you $10,000 a month in free advertising on what is […]

Google Ad Grants Optimization

6 Tips for Better Google Ad Grant Optimization to Take Advantage of $10K Per Month Google Ad Grants are one of the best ways to ensure you boost your nonprofit’s brand awareness and drive traffic (therefore donations!) to your organization.    But we know there feels like there’s a lot to do to make sure […]

The right keywords

Your Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Keywords Are Everything: Here Are 2 Top Tips to Choose the Best Ones   The right keywords keep your Google Ad Grant ads performing.    Keywords are, well, key to a successful Google Ad Grants campaign.    Google expects the ads generated through its Ad Grants to generate more awareness. […]

Google Ad Grants take your website seriously

Nonprofit Website Best Practices Because Google Ad Grants Take Your Website Seriously Google doesn’t fool around when it comes to delivering quality search results. So Google Ad Grants takes your website pretty seriously. If your nonprofit qualifies for the $10,000 a month in free Google advertising that the grants provide, Google wants to make sure […]

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