Person uses laptop for nonprofit virtual volunteerism

Virtual Volunteerism: What Is It? Plus 3 Ways Your Nonprofit Benefits From It Not every supporter of your nonprofit wants to donate money. Some would prefer to contribute to your cause by donating their time.  Often, nonprofits take on volunteers for their organizations because they operate on strict budgets. In fact, for many organizations, volunteers […]

Nonprofit professionals prepare for software demo

Software Demos: How to Get Your Nonprofit Team Ready to Watch One We’ve discussed so many incredible nonprofit technology and software solutions to help you streamline your organization.  But with so many options out there, how do you make the best decision for your needs? Surely, there’s gotta be a way to get an inside […]

16 Conversion-Boosting Additions to Your Nonprofit Donation Page Raise more when you pay attention to these subtle details. Increasing your nonprofit donation page performance is key to maximizing your online fundraising budget. If you’ve got the fundamentals of your fundraising landing page in place, you may want to consider advanced features that can really improve […]

Mobile apps immediate actionable engagement

Immediate, actionable engagement is just a ‘push’ away Mobile apps make it easy to connect instantly with the right people   Texts are terrific. A supporter gives you a mobile number and the OK — and all of a sudden, your organization’s messaging can appear in the palm of his or her hand in an […]

Mobile apps for nonprofits - Tags

Mobile apps for nonprofits – Tags make precision messaging easy! It’s all about micro-audiences Mobile apps aren’t necessarily for communicating with the public. Nonprofits can get the most bang for their buck by using them to talk directly and immediately to specific audiences. Everyone who registers designates their “tag” — volunteer, donor, board member, etc. […]

Is a Mobile App Right for Your Nonprofit

Is a Mobile App Right for Your Nonprofit? 5 things to consider Get the right information to the right people at the right time You know what they say about getting from Point A to Point B, right? The shortest distance is a straight line. That’s something to keep in mind when trying to decide […]

Canva for Nonprofits

Canva for Nonprofits Frees Up Great Minds for Creative Thinking Your organization’s brand is sacrosanct. It’s your promise. It’s who you are, it’s what you do, and it’s why you exist.  The way you present your brand, and the way you make that promise to your donors, your constituents, and the general public are through […]

Nonprofit fundraising is changing

Don’t blink! Nonprofit fundraising is changing fast Nonprofit Library is here to help you keep up   Picture it: It’s the early ‘90s and, like most nonprofits, your organization has a shiny, but static, website with some pictures, your mission statement, contact info and a big, red DONATE button at the bottom. Maybe at the […]

Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

Mobile Apps for Nonprofits — a superhighway between you and your supporters Cut the distractions and let people come right to you You know what they say about getting from Point A to Point B, right? The shortest distance is a straight line. That’s something to keep in mind when trying to decide if your […]

Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors

8 Ways Nonprofit Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Organization and Your Sponsors Who knew 20 years ago that the world would so quickly adapt to technology. Yet, now the majority of the population has a smartphone in their back pocket.  And with it comes plenty of apps to help their days get easier.  […]

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