Donor Relationship Management

21 Different Things You Can Do with a Donor Relationship Management Tool Welcome to DRM land, where possibilities abound.  Your nonprofit is unique. And that’s especially important to remember when choosing donor relationship management (aka customer relationship management) software.  There are plenty of systems to choose from, so whether you’re switching from spreadsheets to CRM […]

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monthly donors

Monthly Donors: 6 Important Things You Need to Know Did you know? Motivating donors to become recurring donors is almost guaranteed to generate 2 to 5 times more money than relying on one-time donations.   We’re talking about monthly giving! And one fun – and persuasive – fact about it is that monthly donors are […]

donor retention

Maintaining stronger donor retention 4 ways a donor CRM can help Creating strategic touchpoints throughout the year between your nonprofit and your donors (or prospects) is an important part of the fundraising process. As we know, the best way to accomplish donor retention is by building strong relationships with them. And with an ever-growing list, […]

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Save Your Superpowers for What Really Matters

Agile For Nonprofits Can Help You Organize, Collaborate Better Save Your Superpowers for What Really Matters It’s no secret that fundraisers and those who work in the nonprofit sectors are superheroes. After all, you make incredible things happen that make the world a better place. But too often your “heroics” translate into things like overtime, […]

Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors

8 Ways Nonprofit Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Organization and Your Sponsors Who knew 20 years ago that the world would so quickly adapt to technology. Yet, now the majority of the population has a smartphone in their back pocket.  And with it comes plenty of apps to help their days get easier.  […]

The right keywords

Your Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Keywords Are Everything: Here Are 2 Top Tips to Choose the Best Ones   The right keywords keep your Google Ad Grant ads performing.    Keywords are, well, key to a successful Google Ad Grants campaign.    Google expects the ads generated through its Ad Grants to generate more awareness. […]

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