The right keywords

The right keywords keep your Google Ad Grant ads performing

Keywords are, well, key to a successful Google Ad Grants campaign.

Google expects the ads generated through its Ad Grants to generate more than awareness. The ads have to generate clicks for Google to deem them successful. Unsuccessful — by Google Ads Grants standards — ads will stop showing up in Google searches, and Google will penalize the organization for poor use of the grant.

The right keywords ensure that people are getting relevant search results, which makes them more likely to click on the ads that show up.

Here are some tips for choosing keywords when you’re setting up your Google Ad Grants account:

Think about which keywords you would type into Google search to find your organization. Google Ad Grants’ Keyword Planner can help you find related keywords and group them so you can build ads around them.

The Google Ads program keyword default is broad match. As an example, the Google Ad Grants how-to guide explains that if your keyword is breast cancer, your ad would show when a Google search includes the keywords “breast cancer” and other variations like breast cancer information, cancer of the breast in men, support groups for breast cancer and breast cancer symptoms. All pretty relevant to your cause.

But the automatic broad match doesn’t work well with more generic terms.

“Let’s say your organization is devoted to saving ‘endangered bears,’” the Google Ad Grants guide says. “Here are search queries that might display an ad targeted to the broad match keyword bears: Chicago Bears, Berenstain bears video, collectible teddy bears, Bad News Bears DVD.”

Not exactly relevant. In order to avoid these bad keywords, you would use negative keywords by preceding a keyword with a hyphen, in this case, for example, -Chicago, -Berenstain, -bad news, and -teddy.

Google Ad Grants’ Account Review dashboard can help with both keywords and negative keywords.

Applying for and maintaining Google Ad Grants accounts take some time and some thought, but the good news is, you’re not on your own. Google has plenty of resources to help, and there are companies that specialize in just this.  

Don’t let the intricacies keep your organization from applying for a Google Ad Grant.  And don’t forget to join us on our upcoming Free Webinar and learn How To Take Full Advantage Of $10K/Month In FREE Google Advertising With The All-In-One Google Grants


Good luck!

– Your friends at NonprofitLibrary

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