How to Host a Successful Charity Event in a Hybrid World Best practices for adapting your fundraisers to suit in-person and virtual donors In-person fundraising events are slowly returning to our calendars after a nearly two-year hiatus. But, even though most of the world is returning to its pre-pandemic way of operating, comfort levels for […]

Your nonprofit can benefit from agile project management

Your nonprofit can benefit from agile project management   Agile, adjective ag·​ile | \ ˈa-jəl  , -ˌjī(-ə)l  \ marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace: an agile dancer having a quick resourceful and adaptable character: an agile mind   Agility isn’t something you see a whole lot of when it comes to […]

Acquiring New Sponsors

8 Easy Steps to Help You Acquire New Nonprofit Sponsorships Here’s a free gift to help you acquire new sponsors What do sponsors mean to a nonprofit? Committed relationships, for one thing. And reliable income. Funding that exists outside of the traditional fundraising stream.  Nurturing long-term sponsor relationships is an art and science in and […]

Donor Relationship Management

21 Different Things You Can Do with a Donor Relationship Management Tool Welcome to DRM land, where possibilities abound.  Your nonprofit is unique. And that’s especially important to remember when choosing donor relationship management (aka customer relationship management) software.  There are plenty of systems to choose from, so whether you’re switching from spreadsheets to CRM […]

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The right keywords

Your Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Keywords Are Everything: Here Are 2 Top Tips to Choose the Best Ones   The right keywords keep your Google Ad Grant ads performing.    Keywords are, well, key to a successful Google Ad Grants campaign.    Google expects the ads generated through its Ad Grants to generate more awareness. […]

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