Nonprofit fundraising is changing

Nonprofit fundraising is changing

Don’t blink! Nonprofit fundraising is changing fast

Nonprofit Library is here to help you keep up


Picture it: It’s the early ‘90s and, like most nonprofits, your organization has a shiny, but static, website with some pictures, your mission statement, contact info and a big, red DONATE button at the bottom. Maybe at the top too.

 If someone thought big at the time and embedded a video, something that actually moved, on the page, you were a little ahead of the game — a visionary, even.

 But blink and all of a sudden, direct mail is dead. (Don’t worry, it’s not. Wasn’t then, isn’t now, never will be.) Email is the thing, and websites are getting interactive.

 Blink again and email fundraising is passe, and we’ve moved beyond even multichannel fundraising to omnichannel. 

And just when you think you’ll implode if you have to learn one more way to connect with donors and raise money … well, hook up the TNT because along comes text-to-give, crowdfunding, something called bitcoins and then The Next Big Thing.

 And that’s just an exaggerated timeline of the technical side of things. Mindsets, relationships building and donor engagement and appreciation continuously all morph and mature.

It used to be that the nonprofit world moved more slowly than the commercial sector when it came to strategy, processes, technology, etc. But no more. 

That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the new developments in technology, apps, products, and services. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the game. As a part of our community, you get FREE access to a library of product and service demonstrations for nonprofits without the sales and marketing pressure. 

We believe in nonprofits and the good work they do in the world. We believe in you.

That’s why we’re so happy you’ve joined the Nonprofit Library family!


Thanks for being here!

-Your friends at NonprofitLibrary


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