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Mobile apps for nonprofits - TagsMobile apps for nonprofits – Tags make precision messaging easy!

It’s all about micro-audiences

Mobile apps aren’t necessarily for communicating with the public. Nonprofits can get the most bang for their buck by using them to talk directly and immediately to specific audiences.

Everyone who registers designates their “tag” — volunteer, donor, board member, etc. After that, it’s easy to send targeted messaging. What’s that look like? A few examples:



Your annual fundraiser is here — your volunteers all got the email, everyone knows what’s up and what to do.  But emails won’t help once they start arriving and are in the thick of things. App notifications can point volunteers to where they need to go and what they need to do in real-time.

Or you can send messages to your general pool of volunteers to recruit them to help in upcoming efforts.


Those you serve

Food banks can use a mobile app to let clients know when and where food distribution is happening; organizations of all types can use it to alert clients about emergency services, changes in operating hours, etc. Schools can pinpoint communications to students, prospective students, families, faculty. The personalization is so precise, they can target students of different age groups or grades and their families. Animal shelters can use it to reach foster families immediately when an animal in need arrives.


Board members

Mobile apps are an easy way to keep board members engaged with very targeted and instantaneous communications tailored just for them, enhancing a sense of importance and exclusivity.



Let’s face it, donor relationships are crucial. Donor messaging is very precisely crafted; mobile apps can add another level of consistency that echoes your other donor communications to deepen the engagement and nurture relationships.

Communications these days is about micro-audiences, immediacy, and precision. Any lag and you’ve lost them. Anything but what they want to know, and they’ll “swipe left” on your message.

That’s what puts mobile apps in a league of their own over social media (too “broadcast-y”) and email (too easy to ignore).


The biggest challenge is getting the right people to download and register with your mobile app for nonprofits, but you have that challenge with any opt-in communications medium. We’ll talk more about that later.   And, learn more about.


– Your friends at NonprofitLibrary

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