Discover why Tatango is the #1 text marketing platform built for fundraising. Learn why text marketing is an essential component in your fundraising toolbox.

Text marketing is rapidly becoming an easy and cost-effective way to drive donations.  Nonprofits are discovering they can limit donor burnout and build long-term relationships with supporters.

Tatango has helped organizations generate $400M in fundraising via text messages and is ready to help you achieve your goals. Rest assured, if you know how to send an email for your organization, you already have what it takes to succeed with text marketing.

During This FREE Demonstration, You Can Expect to: 
  • Learn the basics of text message fundraising and how nonprofits can use it to increase fundraising
  • Realize that 90%+ open rates and 5X ROI are absolutely possible
  • See a hands-on overview of Tatango
  • Discover ideas that you can implement today
  • Imagine the peace of mind you’d have as you head into the year-end push (and throughout the year) if you had text fundraising working for you!

Learn more about text marketing and why Tatango is the proven choice.  We look forward to seeing you at the demo and driving fundraising results together.

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So many small nonprofits work off spreadsheets or overly complicated software. DonorDock is a trusted solution for nonprofits looking to run effective fundraising campaigns, increase online giving, and maintain strong relationships with their supporters.

During this Live Webinar Demonstration, You Will Learn:

  • How nonprofits can track contacts, gifts, and campaign data using CRM features
  • Using the ActionBoard® as a virtual assistant to build donor relationships
  • Creating reports to analyze and report information
  • Email outreach with customizable templates
  • Fundraising with Online Giving
  • Onboarding data with easy-to-use imports
  • Available integrations to super-charge your outreach
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