Your Website Is Key to Keeping the Google Gods Happy

Google Ad Grant takes your website pretty seriously

 Google doesn’t fool around when it comes to delivering quality search results. So Google Ad Grants takes your website pretty seriously. If your nonprofit qualifies for the $10,000 a month in free Google advertising that the grants provide, Google wants to make sure that your ads are driving people to a useful and well-maintained website — as opposed to one that’s just driving them crazy.

 (Admit it, you’ve seen nonprofit sites that do more of the latter.)

Here are some tips for keeping the Google Ad Grants gods happy with your online presence:

  1. Be sure that when people click on your Google ad, it directs them to a domain that your organization owns rather than a page owned by a third party like an outside donation portal or ticket seller.
  2. Be sure users get a quality experience when they’re on your site. In approving (or rejecting) and Ad Grant, Google typically looks for:
    1. Easy navigation;
    2. A clear description of your organization, mission, and activities;
    3. Fresh, relevant content; and
    4. Up-to-date events listings and other time-sensitive content.
  3. Be sure the web experience is streamlined and everything works as it should. Things to fix if needed include:
    1. Broken links;
    2. Load speed  — it should be under five seconds; and
    3. HTTPS — This, rather than HTTP, ensures data is secure and protected.
  4. Be sure to be transparent about how commercial activities like selling products or services, offering consultations, generating leads, etc. allow your nonprofit to serve the public.
  5. Be sure to limit on-site ads, keep them relevant to your mission and keep them small and unobtrusive.

Google Ad Grants are intended to help your nonprofit better meet your mission, so it sets rules that help you along by ensuring your web experience best supports that mission and engages folks who get to it by way of a Google ad.

Take advantage by following the rules to keep your Google Ad Grant money flowing.

All the best,

– Your friends at NonprofitLibrary


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