Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors

Mobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your SponsorsMobile Apps Can Boost Benefits for Your Sponsors

Geo-tagging keeps sponsors top of mind at the right time

Our phones always know where we are — like it or not. So why wouldn’t your nonprofit want to use that to its advantage when it comes to giving your event sponsors or other major supporters more bang for their buck?

With mobile apps, you can.

When someone downloads and registers with your mobile app, they provide the data you need to reach out with specific information at specific times and in specific places. They identify themselves as part of one or more of any number of audience subsets: donors, sponsors, volunteers, board members, clients you serve, etc.

After that, the same location services their phones use for navigation, etc. can let “you” know where they are and when.


How does that translate into additional benefits for your event sponsors or other supporters?


Say you’re having a holiday party for the children at the shelter your organization runs for homeless women, and you’re looking to restaurants and other businesses to provide refreshments, toys, entertainment, etc. You have a sponsor package that promises credit on signage and media releases for those businesses that contribute.

But what if you could offer them more? Like a push notification to the phone of any of your mobile app users who walk within two blocks of the sponsor who signs on to provide pizza? Something like, “Joe’s Pizza supports the Broad Street Shelter. Stop in and try some of their delicious pizza. It’s right up the street!”

Or if you partnered with a local clothing store, mobile app users can get a notification — “Today only! 10% of every sale at Bradley’s Kids Clothes benefits the Broad Street Shelter! — just as people are walking by Bradley’s.


You can set the radius — 50 feet, 50 miles, whatever makes sense — and the length of time, either permanently or for a day, a weekend, again, whatever makes sense depending on the sponsorship level.


It’s a tangible benefit that can figure prominently in your sponsorship letters and brochures, deepens the sponsor value, and brings the sponsor’s generosity to life.

Of course, the more people who are signed up in your mobile app, the sweeter the pot for your sponsors. Do you see? Mobile apps can boost benefits for your sponsors! If you’re not sold yet, make sure to take a look at our on-demand FREE webinar on a mobile app for your nonprofit starting at only $99 per year, that’s ONLY $8.25 per month, wow!


Until then,

-Your friends at NonprofitLibrary

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