Maybe you have a donor acquisition strategy. Maybe you know how important it is to have one, but you haven’t thought about it in, well, a very long time. In either case, I’m pretty sure you’ve never considered donor prospecting quite like this. This free webinar is designed to show you a fast and easy, yet ultra-smart, way to acquire new donors who are destined to last.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The donor acquisition & retention challenges solved by AI-powered donor prospecting
  • How lifetime value donors are derived from AI-curated donor prospect lists
  • Powerful advertising made dead-simple to garner huge results
  • Categories:

Donately makes happy customers. We pride ourselves on making things easy to use- no code, no developers and no training needed. Our in-house support, developers and strategists will make sure you don’t have to fundraise alone. We’re here to be your partners in fundraising, not just the tool you use.

See why thousands of organizations choose to partner with Donately to achieve their fundraising goals!

During this Demonstration we will cover how:
  • How to build a custom Donation form that will drive more donations
  • How to easily leverage Peer-To-Peer fundraising
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • Categories:
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